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* Please make your request at least two months in advance. All fields are requried.

In the event of a member’s funeral, the use of the Fellowship Hall for that event will have precedent over other previously scheduled events.

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If not, will a member be on site during the entire event?

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Note: Kindly consider that the use of the building involves certain expenses (utilities, etc.) for which we ask for a donation. 

Please indicate the amount you will be donating:

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Pledge of Responsibility

I recognize that the Ogden Dunes Community Church is a building dedicated to the worship of God; and I therefore pledge that the activities undertaken by my organization while in the church building will not be in conflict with the principles of the Church’s Christian faith. 

I also recognize that the Church strives to keep its building neat and clean, and that it pays for its maintenance and upkeep.  On behalf of my organization, and in consideration for the use of the church building, I pledge to keep the premises used neat and clean, and to leave it in the same condition it was in before we used it.  To that end, I pledge that tables and chairs will be returned to their proper place; that floors will be swept clean of debris (if necessary); that all trash will be properly disposed of; that the organization’s food and beverage will be removed upon leaving the premises; that lights will be turned off; and that building doors will be securely locked upon departure. 

If this pledge is not honored, I will pay the cost of restoring the premises used by my organization to their pre-meeting condition.

One time use, up to 10 people = $10
One time use, 11-30 people = $30
Once a month meeting = $100

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