Who We Are - The Story of the Sanctuary Glass Windows

In the Sanctuary are nine glass windows created by a member of the church, the artist Gloria Bourne. In September 1990, Gloria Bourne wrote:

The windows began as a dedication to my husband, Norman E. Bourne, but as I worked and continued with them, the project became more than that.

At the beginning, I told the congregation of the Ogden Dunes Church I would do two and let them decide if I should continue. And so it was, that what I began in 1970 did not find completion until 1985. I thought I had completed them all in 1981; however, lightning struck the last window and I reworked it two or three years later.

The work is called gemmaux, which is broken glass sealed together -- glass, bottles, anything that gave me a good pallet was gladly received by me.

Glass became almost semi-precious, so that the cost became more, and the last three windows on the south side were constructed with used and bought stained glass more than the first three.

The first three windows on the north side toward the front are mostly earth tones. They represent the earth forces, the crucifixion and Christ's rising from the tomb.

The next three are the vine, the water and fire bush: or the three elements - earth, water and fire.

The three on the south (going toward the altar) are Black Friday, with the disarray on earth as souls/birds rise above it. In the middle window, the star is a symbol to all people: and the last window is a release of a soul, into that which comes next for us all.

"In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father."
Matthew 5:16

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