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God calls his people to pray to help fulfill his mission in the world as he seeks to reconcile all things to himself through Jesus Christ (Col 1: 20). This study has been written to see what the bible teaches about prayer as we look at six examples of prayer in scripture and how God uses his people to fulfill his mission in the world.   As God’s people pray, God in his power transforms lives and the world around us to his glory in order that “thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt 6: 10).  I invite you to come and “study to show yourself approved” that by it, your impact for the Kingdom of God as you grow and are equipped in prayer, will be a blessing upon you and those around you (2 Tim 2: 15).

Study Calendar 

September 8:  The Mission of God and Prayer (Acts 1 & 2)  

September 15:  Abraham Prays for a City (Genesis 18: 16-33)  

September 22:   Hannah:  A Mother’s Prayer and God’s People (I Sam 2: 1-11)  

September 29:   Prayer and Spiritual Warfare (Dan 10: Mark 2: 14-29)  

October 6:     Jesus:  A Prayer of Faith for Faith (Luke 22: 24-34)  

October 13:   The Church:  A Prayer for Protection & Deliverance (Acts 12:1-18)