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116 Hillcrest Road
Ogden Dunes, Indiana 46368
Phone: 219-762-1184
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Worship on Sunday

8:30am Garden Service
10:00am Sanctuary Service

Ogden Dunes Community Church

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Pastorís Weekly Devotional

Pastorís Weekly Devotional

Sometime ago, I read the story of a tightrope walker who was incarcerated in a Russian concentration camp.  When Stalin died and the prisoners were under less pressure, this tightrope walker performed for his fellow inmates.  Afterward, a rabbi asked him how he was able to walk on such a thin rope without falling.  At first, the performer hesitated to answer, but after much prompting he finally revealed his secret:  “I fix my eye where I am going and never think about falling.”

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Ogden Dunes Community Church has a dynamic, inviting congregation, rich in tradition, glorifying God through worship, music, education and service dedicated to Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome to join us!