ODCC is a church that prioritizes prayer!  Our desire is to have God’s will manifest on earth as it is in heaven.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray that prayer (Matt 6: 10).  With our hearts set to pray as Jesus taught us, opportunities to help us grow in the knowledge and practice of prayer can be found at ODCC.

The Wednesday evening prayer service from 6: 30-7:00 pm “Watchmen on the Walls” is dedicated to praying for individuals, churches, communities, our nation, and the world.    Every month, we have a theme that is prayed for, and with the accompaniment of praise, worship, and song we seek God for his transformative power.

Please join us for a powerful time of prayer!  Our goal is to grow into extended times of prayer as we seek God for the needs of our lives, churches, communities, nation, and world.   

July: Prayer for Righteousness

Lord, you are our Deliverer, and we pray for our nation and our leaders to turn toward righteousness and away from evil. May we not be labeling what is good as evil, or what is evil as good. You have said that if we seek your face and turn from our evil ways, you will hear from heaven and heal our land. O Lord, may we as individuals and as a nation set our focus on obeying your word and living pure lives. Amen.         

Further information on “Watchmen on the Walls” Prayer Ministry can be found at: July Newsletter - The Pastor's Pen